Play a round of golf

Simply record each shot hit in a round of golf and GolferGroups calculates all your statistics instantly. Entering a round is as simple as recalling where each shot was hit from and the result.


Record your shot on your own site

GolferGroups provides users with an innovative and intuitive tool for golfing quantitative data, statistics and related information. All data record on your personal website.


GolferGroups Site Calculate all your Stats Instantly

Calculate 200+ statistics per round, including many of the stats used by the PGA Tour. Lifetime storage service allows you to have access to all of your statistics and data for as long as you want.


Connect with your golf friends

Provides you with a place to keep track of your golf life and stay current with your friends golf game.Use GolferGroups as a community to put you in touch with others who love to golf.

Golfer Community

GolferGroups record every shot, Comprehensive statistics detail, Analyze golf game like the tour Pros. GolferGroups proudly provide the features : Elegant personal website, Easy to read graphs, Chat online with other golfers, Statistics charts, Tour level analysis of your game, Club and Distance tracking analysis, Track trend over time never lose your data, Record every shot,Calculate 200+ statistics per round, Connect and compare with friends, Rank players in many key statistics, Easily identity strengths and weakness, Live Board and Leaderboard ... etc. Join Golfer community now.

Golfer Team Community

GolferGroups make group task easily to management, calculate and record in seconds. Features include : Impressive team website, Record players score to the cloud, Players statistics and rank, Competition, Financial report, Survey, Monthly and yearly players record, New New Peoria calculate on line, News and Events calendar, Chat online with other golfers, live Board and Leaderboard like the PGA tour Pros ... etc.